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It's me, your friendly neighborhood manticore, writing to inform you that this, the LiveJournal of one the_mantic0r3, is now officially defunct. I understand that those of you who remain are a small in number, but your manticore has not abandoned you!

Since my last post I have:
-Changed Twitter names
-Started a Facebook fan page
-Figured out how to use Tumblr
-Maintained a blog for more than six months
-There's also a Google Plus page but I'm keeping my expectations realistic with that one

If you care to continue communications, any of those should do fine. My AIM SN is the same. I won't be back here again, though. 2011 is and was the last year.

Thanks for all your friendship and blah blah, I'll see you in the future.

The Mantic0r3


i am alive

EDIT: and i'm on twitter and stuff


Thank you, kitschisch ! I will cherish it forever.

EDIT: And thanks to chikyuwo for the snowflake! I I will cherish it until it melts or is mauled to death(?) by the polar bear.
Logged on searching for something.
Couldn't find it.
Happy birthday to everyone who had a birthday in the past four months, though~
And kids too, or whatever.

May. 7th, 2009

Nothing to say really, just wanted to use this icon.

hay ken

don't let me see your face again


Our school is determined to get laid a mascot before the 21st. Here's a snippet of the e-mail:

At last year’s Campus MovieFest, The Art Institute was subjected to some good-natured ribbing because of the lack of a college mascot. Well, not this year! We’re determined to have a mascot before Campus MovieFest launches on January 21 – and we need your help. UC-Santa Cruz has a banana slug; Mary Baldwin College (VA) has a squirrel; Delta State University (MS) has an okra; and the University of North Carolina School of Arts has a pickle!

Well, the students, faculty, and staff of The Art Institute of Atlanta have narrowed it down and our top 3 concepts are:

1. 1. Phoenix

2. 2. Raven

3. 3. Dragon

Those are the top 3 they could come up with. Where's the creativity we're supposedly known for? I'm sure number four was "a flaming skull with fuckin' snakes everywhere."

Anyway, your vote doesn't count, but I'm curious.

Poll #1328309 AIA MASCOT 2009


Perhaps an enraged skull?



If you have a Facebook, and you claim to have 10+ friends, just delete a few and get yourself a free Whopper.

Don't friend them back either.  That's not how sacrifices work.

Are you ready now?

Warning: this may or may not cause you to wake up in a pool of your own nostalgia.